About: Max and Little Bit's Big Adventure

This charming story is for anyone three to one hundred and three, with whimsical illustrations and a message told through the adventures of a dog and a pony. Vera says, " It opens windows of opportunity for parents, grandparents and care givers to talk to children about playing safe and not talking to, or taking gifts from strangers. Anyone who has a child in their life or has ever known a pony or loved a dog will enjoy this story."

Max and Little Bit live with the author on her twelve acre farm in Fenton, Michigan, where there are cats, dogs, chickens and one very spoiled but treasured thirty-something (she's not telling) year old burro named Millie. Each one has its own story to tell.
This it the first in a series of animal tales.

The author has won numerous awards for her art and her work hangs in homes, restaurants and galleries in many of these United States and Canada

 By Vera Thornton